10 Steps to a Rockstar Morning Routine

Written by Dee Kumar AND KATE TOFURI

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Real estate is a challenging and competitive industry. Every day, real estate agents encounter new challenges, and there is always a lot to be done in a day to be a high-producing, successful agent. The way you start your day will have a direct impact on how it will end. 
As a real estate agent, you always want to have a productive, successful day. Morning routines are well recognized to be a deal-breaker for people who want to have fantastic, productive days. Creating a morning routine isn't about seeing who can get the most done. Instead, it's about enabling yourself to start your day being in control, with self-assurance, peace, a positive outlook, and the right mindset. Take control of your morning and the rest will follow.
Here are ten ways to start an effective morning routine to boost productivity and kickstart your day for greater success.

1. Start Your Morning the Night Before

Starting the day right means being able to wake up without feeling overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that you must complete as a real estate agent. Plan and schedule your days the night before. Check which items from the previous day you weren't able to accomplish and combine them with things you know you need to finish the next day. Make a list of tasks to accomplish for the next day and always prioritize urgent items.
By planning the night before, you’ll be able to get a goodnight's sleep knowing that you won't be overwhelmed when you get up, and you'll have the energy you need for the day.

2. Begin Your Day Early 

Don't hit that snooze button and put off getting out of bed. Waking up to the first alarm allows your brain to feel in control of your day, preventing you from feeling behind. You’ll also be able to accomplish more of your goals because you’ll have extra time. 

3. Organize Your Space

Having an organized, tidy workspace will help you to feel more in-control of your surroundings and therefore, your time. If you start with a clean desk and office, you are less likely to be distracted by clutter or less important tasks that have been left unfinished from other days. 

4. Don’t Start with Social Media or Television

Getting distracted by social media and TV and losing focus on what you need to do to prepare for your day is a bad habit. A successful real estate agent will not be sidetracked early in the morning. 

5. Exercise or Meditate

Exercise and meditation both boost your energy levels and help you stay focused throughout the day. Exercise gets your blood circulating and awakens your entire body, and meditation assists you in planning and concentrating on your day, allowing you to channel and use your energy effectively. Even if you have busy mornings, try to incorporate even just five to ten minutes of exercise or meditation to put you into a positive mentality from the beginning.  

6. Get Pumped for the Day Ahead

Do something that gets you enthusiastic for the day, like listening to a podcast or watching motivational videos on YouTube, as this promotes positive thoughts in your head and makes your day more rewarding. You can also listen to an audiobook or music to get into a motivated and winning mindset for the day. Bonus: combine steps 4 & 5 by listening to an audiobook while you exercise! For a list of audiobooks to help get you into a winning mindset, check out our online bookstore

7. Establish a Morning Self-Care Routine

Self-care is a practice that you develop to help you maintain your happiness and well-being. This can include almost anything — a hot shower, a skincare and grooming routine, or eating enough every day — whatever helps you feel your best. Take care of yourself to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout from the challenges of being a real estate agent. This will help you forget about yesterday's stress and start fresh for the new day.

8. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is often overlooked since it can feel like a waste of precious time in the morning, but there is a reason it is often called “the most important meal of the day”. With coffee and a filling, healthy breakfast to fuel you, the day will get off to a good start. It'll give you that extra push of energy to get you through the day and maintain your stamina. 

9. Start Your Correspondence

The most successful real estate agents connect with their team and clients while they’re still at home. This helps to free you up to work on more time-consuming tasks once you get into the office while also allowing you to tackle any urgent tasks that may arise during the day without the nagging feeling of knowing you have unanswered emails sitting in your inbox. 

10. Begin by Working on Your Most Important Tasks

When you do the most important task first thing in the morning, you'll feel great for the rest of the day. I For example, if you have multiple active leads that you are hoping to close, check your MLS for new listings in your target markets and double-check that any listings that match your clients' demands have been automatically assigned in your CRM. If not, assign them manually.

Closing Thoughts: Be Consistent

In addition to hard work and dedication, make sure you have a constant and effective morning routine. Say goodbye to your old morning habits and develop these rockstar morning routines until you’re able to stick to them without feeling dragged around every day. It may seem strange at first, but with practice, it will become natural and easy. Once you’ve established a morning routine, you'll set yourself up for greater success and see a rise in sales and productivity.

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